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Hello, my name is Linda Francesca Sacca, I am an artist from Carlsbad, California. I began my watercolor journey as an artist in 1999, and after attending a few classes and workshops I developed my own style. My skills continue to evolve with every stoke of my paintbrush. Creative Art is a true gift of joy for me and has been a great source of strength and healing throughout the years. It is an expression of beauty, happiness and all that is good. Each art work I do is a celebration of color and an expression of my love for God, the master artist.

I love to do works of art in watercolor and collage media. Many of my watercolor scenes of Italy are a direct result of my travels to Italy. I also love to paint flowers and have just recently started to paint watercolors of my new found love; Plumeria. Each Plumeria bloom is so unique and inspires my heart to create and capture their beauty. I love to paint whatever inspires me, it's that simple.


Another form of art that I love to do is collage using various types of rice paper to give an added dimension of texture to traditional watercolor painting. The rice paper is layered directly onto the watercolor board, and then you paint over it and embellish with ink, gesso, gouache, even gold leaf. I love collage because it is fun and somewhat of a mystery that is exciting and new each time.

I have done some featured art for some of the Women's Christian Fellowship retreats, which you can see in the sacred art section and I have participated in the Mission Garden and Art Show at Mission San Juan Capistrano. I have done commissioned art pieces and I have has private classes of inspirational art, watercolor and collage techniques.


For more information please contact me at Lindafsacca@yahoo.com or follow me on Facebook.

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